Going where
the wind blows.

Mistral Fashion Boutique.

The name mistral comes from the Languedoc dialect of the Occitan and means "masterly". It usually comes with a clear & fresh weather. The mistral plays an important role in the creation of Provence's climate. That’s exactly the spirit of this project.

We wanted to let us go wherever the creation would carry us. First, we imagined a fictive classy clothing line. Then we imagined how we would want it to look like.

Branding / Art Direction

At least, for the branding part (we’re not fashion designer yet but -eh- why not ?). The result of this creative process was really rewarding.

It really motivated us to keep this creative mood and retranscribe it for all of our next projects. We always tend to give us some time to explore unknown territories and let all of our creativity explode!

Client : Mistral.

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